As a writer, editor, and educator, I’ve helped writers of all ages craft their work into evocative forms. I enjoy guiding my students through the stages of creative process, from generating and shaping early drafts to revising and polishing final copies. In my editorial roles, I have developed magazine features and columns, proofread novels, fact-checked essays and articles, provided feedback on poems and nonfiction, and more. In sum: I love encountering new ideas—and other minds—at work in language. 


I provide customized developmental editing on a variety of projects, including personal essays, individual poems and poetry manuscripts, short fiction, and book-length works of nonfiction. We will work together to decide what kind of editorial process will suit your project best. My feedback includes page-by-page margin notes and a one page cover letter. I charge a sliding scale ranging from $50-$75/hr for editorial feedback. 


In a one-hour session, we’ll meet one-on-one to discuss opportunities for revision and growth on your creative writing—up to 10 pages of poetry or 30 pages of prose. We’ll discuss your aims as a maker and writer, as well as your goals and intentions for the draft at hand. During the feedback process, I’ll offer written and verbal feedback, as well as generative prompts to help you get started. I charge a sliding scale rate of $50-$75/hr for creative writing sessions. 


I offer generative creative writing workshops for individuals and groups in one-day, one-week, and one-month formats. Workshop topics include “Writing the Environment,” “Poetry and History,” “The Lyric Essay,” “Introduction to Imaginative Writing,” “Documentary Poetics,” and more. 

As a working writer, I charge sliding scale rates to sustain myself. However, if cost is a concern, please get in touch. I’m happy to discuss what is doable for you. I’m also open to creative skill-shares, barters, and other kinds of swaps! Do reach out if you’d like to work together or if you have any questions about my editorial work, one-on-one sessions, or creative writing workshops. I’d love to hear from you.